Hair extensions are big business, so when you combine our brand’s expertise in everything luxury hair with the increasing demand for handtied extensions, your potential new client base is endless.

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We take weaves one step further, allowing you to level up your expertise, expand your client base and offer your clients a luxury hair experience.

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Get access to our luxury handtied extensions. Our hair is only available to our certified stylists, and collective members get additional discounts. With Belle Époque you'll get a partner you can rely on, not just a supplier

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New Clients

Over 760,000, 000 Google searches for handtied extensions every month, and you'll be one of the elite handtied specialists to reach a new segment of high-end hair clients with big budgets.


Increased profit

Because handtied extensions are bespoke for every client, they are a luxury service. Our certified stylists earn an average of £5000 weekly just from 2 clients a day. you'll also have more earning potential with maintenance and removals.


with just one course you'll have  implemented this into your business

the belle époque service cycle

If you are a motivated, get it done entrepreneur, but you just need a little extra help figuring out how all the pieces fit together, our self study program is like the holy grail blueprint you've been looking for!

We’ll cover everything from setting up your salon, sterilisation, infection control, skin anatomy and more to protect yourself and your clients.

Consultation skills
A solid consultation is key when it comes to creating bespoke hair. We’ll make sure you’re able to offer exactly what your client wants.

Application processes
We’ll go through the full application processes from start to finish, so you’re fully prepared, confident and ready to start transforming manes.

Hair design with Handtied extensions
We’ll help you find the right amount to order and colour for each client, so you can create bespoke looks every time.

Handtied techniques
You’ll master the art of adding handtied wefts, ensuring you use the correct techniques and tools for safe, discreet and natural looking hair.

Signature weave aftercare process
Aftercare is key to long-lasting results, so we’ll ensure you’re able to give your clients a top up treatment and offer the key advice.

what will i learn

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 health & safety

— Star

"After getting certified, I was able to carve 10 hours off my work week while doubling my income. My clients also seem to prefer this method over any other even at a higher price point"

— Amy


— Bernadette 

"After working with Danielle, I was able to carve 10 hours off my work week while doubling my income. After working with the collective, I was able to carve 10 hours off my work week while doubling my income."

Current Signature Weave Students

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But what if I'm only a one person team?

Helicopter view quarterly sales are at an all-time low so future-proof going forward we’re ahead of the curve on that one yet due diligence, so get buy-in. Back to the drawing-board action item get six alpha pups in here for a focus group ramp up.

Am I going to need a huge budget? I don't have that!

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And what kind of time investment does this take? I don't have very much extra time.

Our Signature weave for 5K weeks is an easy to follow hidden bead weave program!

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Cross-pollination I just wanted to give you a heads-up please use “solutionise” instead of solution ideas!

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Productize level the playing field great plan! let me diarize this, and we can synchronise ourselves at a later.

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Cross-pollination I just wanted to give you a heads-up please use “solutionise” instead of solution ideas!

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you can't beat this price

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Hands-on training

The Collective access pass

Influencer partnership

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We curated the handtied education course based on our two core values: A discrete natural application and Keeping the Client’s Bio Hair Safe. The technique that we use in our classes gives our stylists the skill that earns their clients’ full satisfaction while they achieve their hair goals!
We focus on elevating, innovating, and collaborating through our Hands-On courses. We do not only certify you; we make you an Expert!
Want to connect with us? Be part of our community and share your work to inspire each other.

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