I created Belle Epoque because I was frustrated that any time I wanted to have my hair done, I had to travel miles to find a stylist who's preofessionalism was not guaranteed, or do it myself. After doing it myself for many years and still not being satisfied I started designing my own hair pieces. With this process I travelled the world searching the best hair and sourcing hair for my business. I learned that despite origin, there isn’t one best hair quality, the best is when you find your bespoke texture match. And that is what drives my business today, to give women a luxury hair experience with a bespoke texture. A luxury hair experience is delivered by passionate hairdressers who invest in education and continually develop their skills. They care about the latest trends and listen to what customers are asking for. This is why I aligned myself with the very talented and passionate Danielle, an educator who is more knowledgeable than I am with teaching people the skill and method. 

I'm Priscilla 

A multi-passionate entrepreneur on a quest to bring a luxury hair experience for hair extensionist and their clients... here's why I care...

About the founder

Belle Époque certification is an exclusive invitation to be an Elite handtied weft specialist. Each recommended artist goes through an extensive education process to join the Belle Époque Collective. Only once they master how to create a luxury hair experience with our signature weave do they become a certified hair extensionist listed on Belle Époque .com and in our coveted Address Book. We refer to this process as the The Belle Époque Code.
The Belle Époque woman is discerning and looks for the top echelon in quality, service and experience. That’s why we have created a luxury hair experience for women of all textures. Our clients invest in their hair, they simply want the best. It starts by intimately understanding her needs and providing expertise with a high end touch. 

hair extensions training and educational resources for hair entrepreneurs who want to grow their profits and elevate their client's experience 

About the Collective

Salon 64

salon ambassador

Kimberly Logie

brand editorial educator

Danielle McStravick

brand educator

Meet the education team

Growth is our love language, if you are in the BE community, you already know this!

We are your biggest cheerleader and also friend when you need support with your hair extensions business..

We strive to be authentic and personable in our learning style.

We value integrity above all else and are constantly learning and growing.

Our certification classes always include tons of inspiration and new ideas.

To provide a luxury hair experience for women of all hair types.

belle époque

our mission